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Mondo Arroyo

tattoo artist


About the artist:

     Born in El Paso Texas in 1983, I spent my younger years drawing on whatever paper I could find. I moved a lot too by the time I was a teenager I had lived in 5 different states and it was in Florida that I discovered my passion for body art.

      As soon as I could get my hands on a pair of machines I was beginning with my friends with the help of some local tattooers being my guides until I landed my apprenticeship at All or Nothing tattoo, one of the most world renown shops at the time. After learning from such amazing artists as Dave Tedder, Josh Woods, Chris Vennekamp, Tim Orth, and a continuing list of artists, I took my skills and vision on the road and have done countless guestspots and conventions.

     Influences such as Alex Grey, Dali and other visionary artists play a huge part in my work. A sense of spirituality and energy goes into every piece of art I do. I enjoy spoiling my clients so the experience not just the piece is important.

       Styles include: anything color, Biomech/organic, color portraits, New school, traditionalish, Black and Grey as well as fusion pieces combining more than one style.

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